We breathe the game of Rugby Sevens. It is what unites us at the SEVENS7 FACTORY (7SF). This passion ignites a strong ambition. We will become an example of Rugby Sevens education. Our focus is to innovate and educate. Players and Staff. It is part of our DNA and defines our philosophy and culture. The love for the game. The drive to make eachother better.


Get involved

Rugby Sevens deserves to be played every day of the year. It is enjoyed at it's best executed by specialists. We offer all the resources needed to to reach full potential in Rugby 7's. This can be as a player, trainer, coach, manager, fysio, fitness expert, nutricion specialist, board member, fan, friend or family member. At the Factory we all invest in each other. Together we become bigger then the sum of us all.   



The Field is taken by 24 athletes. All specialized in the game of Rugby Sevens. The 7SFirst (12 players) can be seen in action at prestigious 7s tournaments around the world. Their spot will be challenged by our 12 talents. Eager to play for the 7SFirst.

Leon Koenen, is Captain of 7SFirst and part of the technical staff.